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Matt and I have decided to start blogging date night ideas. We already blog restaurant reviews – when we have the chance to try out a new place. So we thought we would start by writing a restaurant review AND a date night – in the same piece. This isn’t actually our first date idea – we have a road trip date coming up in the blog later this week or next. But I thought it would be fun to post these two together.

DaRuMa is a Japanese Steak and Seafood restaurant that offers traditional Japanese food as well as Teppan-style dining. There are two restaurants – one in Sarasota, and one in Naples. The Naples restaurant is located at Vanderbilt Beach Road across from the Ritz Carlton.

DaRuMa comes highly recommended. The food is amazing and the Teppan-style preparation is entertaining. I ordered the vegetarian meal (I love veggies) and Matt ordered the seared Tuna, both of which were fantastic.  I have ordered the scallops as well, and they were simply amazing. Teppan-style dining is where you sit around a large flattop grill where your food is prepared by a master chef. You start with hot soup and a salad with ginger dressing. The chef appears and prepares the veggies and shrimp while you finish your salad. Your food is cooked to order right in front of you, and the chefs put on a show of sorts. I highly recommend DaRuMa for family outings and date nights. The food is served in courses, which gives you more time to connect with each other. I was thrilled that Matt suggested DaRuMa and we were not disappointed. If are in Naples (or Sarasota) and have the opportunity, don’t miss a chance to eat here.

Alison & Aaron

July 20, 2009

Alison came down to Naples visit her cousins here a few years ago. She joined us for Ultimate Frisbee and came to dinner right after. I had a wonderful time getting to know her during her visits, so I was thrilled when she married a local friend, Aaron. We all attend the same Bible Study on Sunday nights, and it is always wonderful to catch up with them. They volunteered to do a model shoot with us one night – we had such an awesome time at the Corkscrew Swamp!  I am looking forward to getting together with them often.

Isn’t Alison Beautiful?

Travel Dates!

July 2, 2009

Matt and I have a few weddings and trips planned around the country. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to travel together and take pictures in places other than Florida! Our travel plans are not yet solidified, so we would LOVE to fit some portraits in during our travels! Let us know if you are interested in a portrait session (individual, couple, maternity, boudoir – you name it!) and we’d love to schedule you in! Here are the dates we currently have down:

July 11 – Amelia Island, FL – it’s possible to schedule a shoot on July 10 or July 12

August 8 – Greenville, SC – we are free before and after the wedding. No specific plans have been made

September 5 – Iron Mountain, MI – we will be free for part of Thursday and Friday before, as well as Sunday morning

We are also making plans to shoot around the country in 2010! We are looking forward to it!

Matt and I have been busy … very busy. In an awesome way. And we are SO Excited to bring you some photos from our past shoots!! So I thought that I would post a picture from each session so you know what you’ll be seeing soon! Scroll down to see a shot from engagment sessions for Kelly & Matt, Shari & Sean, Prity & Shak, and a sneak peak from our latest wedding!

Jenny and Carlos had one amazing First Glance before their wedding.

We are looking forward to full blog posts on each of these sessions in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for two new local artist posts and an update on our travel dates – we would love to meet up with people when we are out of state!

Prity and Shak were SO much fun.

Shari and Sean have moved to Austin, and I was flattered to shoot their engagement session before they left.

We had an awesome engagement session with Kelly and Matt!