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Carlos came down with a migraine at their wedding, so we decided to hold off on portraits of Jenny and him and try another time.  We had a wonderful time shooting – 3 months later – at the Bellasera Resort in Naples.  We later headed over to Jenny’s house for some fun portraits with her dog. We ended at the Park Shore beach for a nice walk during the evening at sunset.  Denouement sessions offer an exciting opportunity to get dressed up in your wedding day attire and take some fun portraits – without all the pressure that’s there on the wedding day.  You are able to express your emotions without feeling overwhelmed.  And there is no pressure to trash your dress.   It’s an excellent opportunity to capture really wonderful images without worrying about that 6 AM flight out to Aruba or the fact that Aunt Getrude wanted a picture with you by your cake.  Take the time out to take the photos and you will never regret it.