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Aydan was Born!

November 12, 2008

Well, little Aydan was born a while ago…  But I’ve had a few emergency set backs here.  My Powerbook G4 died two weeks ago, so I wasn’t able to put the finishing touches on my shoot with Aydan.  Thankfully I back everything up two and three times, so the pictures weren’t lost, but the ability to edit them was temporarily halted.  Needless to say, the computer is fixed and here are some pictures of a very sweet little boy.







Welcome Brynlee Ann!

June 2, 2008

Brynlee Ann was born on Thursday, May 8 — a week before her due date.  Matt and I went over to her house to get photos of her when she was 10 days old.  It was my first time seeing a newborn baby (as a female, this is probably shameful, I admit), and it was quite an experience!  She was so tiny and so very sweet!  She really didn’t like being naked or even half naked, so we had a challenging time getting some of the shots we wanted.  But we definitely enjoyed having the opportunity to get to meet little Brynlee and get to know Chris and Erin better!

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