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Arabesque of Naples

February 16, 2009

Matt and I are investing in stationery for our business and we decided to look at Arabesque of Naples. Arabesque specializes in all kinds of stationery from invitations to notebooks to thank you cards. They have an entire wall of portfolios with many different invitation designs. If you are getting married and haven’t chosen your invitations yet, you simply must make your way down to Arabesque on Fifth Avenue (right next to Altin’s Cafe). Their letterpress invitations are stunning. They also have engraved, thermography, and hand caligraphy invitations.


Matt and I walked in and were graciously greeted by Sheryl Sashin. We told her we were looking for letterpress business cards and stationery and she showed us the examples from Crane’s, Elum, Smock, and Julie Holcomb.  Nice stationery is one of a kind and has a certain feel to it. The business cards we looked at were as thick as a piece of gum and had a simple elegance that cannot be matched.  Elum and Crane’s paper is made from cotton and Smock paper is made from bamboo – both eco friendly materials.


We are still deciding on the style and design of our new business cards, but I will post pictures of them as soon as we have them. And in the mean time, you should check out Arabesque on your trip to downtown Naples. They are located at 350 Fifth Avenue South.

Happy New Year!

January 5, 2009

I took a brief break from the internet over my four day weekend. It sure will be tough staying at work 5 days in a row after 3 weeks of 4-day weekends. The holidays were wonderful for us. Matt and I took the entire weekend off after New Year’s Eve. We needed a break from everything. We did a few things around the house (or I should say “room”). I’ve been thinking of my goals for 2009. I will post something about that soon. But I thought I’d write a summary of 2008. Here it is:


2008 In Review:

The Bad:
-Matt tore his ACL and had ACL reconstruction surgery
-I got into a serious car accident
-We bought a car that needed brand-new tires, a new catalytic converter, and a miraculous smoke smell remover
-Matt cracked two teeth and I cracked two fillings
-We stupidly got a puppy named Petey
-My computer died


The Good:
-We got a puppy named Petey! He’s so cute (now that he’s potty trained)!
-I officially started my own business
-We both still have jobs
-I attended my first photography workshop
-We celebrated our first wedding anniversary
-We paid off $18k on our student loans – which also means we *could* have bought a house this year if we didn’t choose such expensive schools…
-We finished my website


There is so much to do and plan this year. I just signed up for the Shoot with Beckstead workshop in Tampa. I was bummed in December when I couldn’t muster the funds to go to the workshop in Birmingham. Having a workshop so close by made up for it!  So Matt and I will be sitting down soon and going over everything about this new year. I can’t wait to get started on some more shoots!

Merry [belated] Christmas!

December 29, 2008

I wrote this on Christmas Eve — then we had to leave before it was published.  Read as if it was published Dec. 24.


Merry Christmas everyone! Matt and I are driving to his mom’s house tonight for Christmas, then we are staying at my sister’s house overnight and waking up with her two little girls. I am SO excited — it will be a lot of fun to watch them the next morning. But I’m REALLY excited that we are going to our church’s Christmas Eve service. Life gets so busy that we all forget what is actually important during this season. Christ IS the reason for the season – not presents or trees or lights or garland. I am actually glad that we have less money to spend this year, because it really helps us focus on what’s important. Anyway, I thought I would post a few pictures we took together with Matt’s brother, Danny. We wanted to give their mom something really special this year, and we figured something we made would mean more to her than something we bought. So we made her Christmas photos of us! We really had to think on our feet since all ambient light was gone by the time we started shooting.  I borrowed a christmas gift mom got for me and we had some fun doing a few goofy poses.

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