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Kelly was an amazingly beautiful bride.  We took her to the gracious Bellasera Resort in downtown Naples to shoot a few bridal portraits before her wedding.  We had such a great time playing with the window light!

Matt and I are fairly active people. We love to get out and hike, bike, and play on the water.  Last weekend we took an impromptu bike trip down Vanderbilt Drive in Naples. We rode up through Pelican Bay, then came back. It wasn’t long or especially exciting, but it was a wonderful chance to spend time in the lovely Florida sun, playing together.  Get out and do something fun and active this weekend. Reconnect. Re-energize.

Bonus points for all of you since I think this is the last time you’ll see me pose in my biking shorts.  This goes for Matt as well. In fact, he hasn’t seen this post yet and I’m not sure he will ;-)

Cassie and Scott are the cutest couple ever.  When we met Cassie we knew she was the perfect match for us.  She’s charming, outgoing, and has a laid back surfer vibe.  It wasn’t surprising to learn that she met Scott while she was in school in St. Augustine.  They both surf together and were certainly a perfect match.  We really enjoyed their Fort Myers Beach wedding and I am thrilled to share the images.  Part 1 is the Getting Ready and the Ceremony shots.  We’ll have some more portraits and the reception tomorrow!

Chantal and Tim were married at La Playa, and we had the pleasure of capturing their rehearsal dinner the evening before.  They had a wonderful dinner of Kobe beef hamburgers and grilled veggies, and then they ended the evening with a slideshow compilation of photos of both of them growing up.  Tim has a large family and many wonderful nieces and nephews who were excited to welcome Chantal’s daughter Jackie into the family, so it was a joy to capture all the children playing together on the beach.

Martinis & Makeup on Friday!

February 6, 2009

I spent last Saturday at Nancy Joseph’s Makeup Studio & Spa in Naples.  Nancy Joseph is a licensed aesthetician specializing in customized skin care treatments, nail care and professional makeup artistry for weddings & special events.  She uses airbrush makeup, which looks completely natural, is lightweight and unnoticeable, and gives you a flawless, sweat-proof finish that lasts up to 18 hours.  Perfect for weddings.  I hate wearing makeup, but Nancy gave me an airbrush foundation and some blush and I was sold.  I had a party later that night and got multiple comments on how smooth my skin looked.  Nancy is also incredibly kind and easy to work with and I highly recommend thinking of her when you have an event on the horizon!


Nancy’s Studio offers Martinis & Makeup on Fridays.  At 6PM, she opens her doors to anyone and everyone who wants a professional makeup job for the evening.  She offers martinis on the house, which you can sip as you she does your makeup.  Best of all – it’s FREE.  She also has an eyelash bar – fake eyelashes are the perfect compliment to flawless makeup (eyelashes, alas, are not free).  If you are in Naples on a Friday and want to look fabulous for the evening, stop by Nancy Joseph’s Makeup Studio & Spa and enjoy a night out on the town!