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We had the pleasure of shooting Holly and Adam’s wedding in Iron Mountain, Michigan back in 2009.  It was such a treat for us to shoot in an historic church with a reception in the armory.  Holly is truly one of the most talented people I know – she made ALL of her own decorations herself, and she sells her lovely creations at Bijou Lovely.  Holly and Adam were some of the nicest people we have ever met, and it was such a joy to spend the weekend with them and their families.

Weekend Sneak Peak

November 16, 2009

I’ve been sorting through this weekends weddings and I fell in love with this picture.  Kelly was one of the most beautiful brides of all time, and I am so looking forward to working with her again soon.  She and Matt had an absolutely wonderful wedding!  I will be posting their engagement shoot soon – along with pictures from our current work. We have enough fodder to post daily through the end of the year!

Sneak Peak: Jenny & Carlos

September 28, 2009

Jenny & Carlos were married three months ago, but we had the pleasure of taking them out for pictures last night. We had such a blast and are thankful to the Bellasera for being so accommodating! Here is one shot that I had to post immediately.

Bellasera wedding

Matt and I have been busy … very busy. In an awesome way. And we are SO Excited to bring you some photos from our past shoots!! So I thought that I would post a picture from each session so you know what you’ll be seeing soon! Scroll down to see a shot from engagment sessions for Kelly & Matt, Shari & Sean, Prity & Shak, and a sneak peak from our latest wedding!

Jenny and Carlos had one amazing First Glance before their wedding.

We are looking forward to full blog posts on each of these sessions in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for two new local artist posts and an update on our travel dates – we would love to meet up with people when we are out of state!

Nicole and Roger married among 8 family and friends at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club during a week in April. It was such a beautiful wedding! We were thrilled to be a part of it! Here are a few of our favorite shots.



















Julia & Noel are Married!

March 16, 2009

We had a blast at Julia and Noel’s wedding.  Julia & Noel met in Boston. Julia’s family lives in Naples, and Noel is from Ireland.  What a wonderful combination!  We hit the beach in the middle of the day, and had a trolley ride around town to top it off.  What a blast!  We especially loved all the Irish accents.

The venue, the weather:

Julia & Noel: Teaser

February 28, 2009

Julia & Noel were married on February 7 at Lowdermilk.  We had such a fun time at this wedding.  Julia’s family lives here, but Noel is from Ireland (living in Massechusetts now).  I tell you what, you need to go to an Irish wedding some time.  Those were the friendliest and most enjoyable guests I think I’ve ever been around.  It was a joy to shoot their wedding.  We didn’t have much time to get portraits of them both, but I did get a few.  We’re looking forward to a portrait shoot some time in the future!





Mid-week, mid-June I attended the seminar Almost Alone with David Williams, hosted by Mel Englander in Fort Lauderdale (if you need an experienced, talented, and fun photographer in the East Coast area — contact Mel).  I had a blast and learned a LOT.  David Williams hails from Australia and has that wonderful Australian accent we all enjoy. He is very passionate about his work – he shoots weddings and portraits. And he had many ways to inspire us photographers to think differently (outside the box) about our photography.  I find myself today thinking about finding the clean light and adding depth to my photos, and changing the typical group setup.  On the final day of the seminar we went to Hollywood beach to shoot a “Trash The Dress” session with one of Mel’s former brides.  “Trash The Dress” is the term photographers use for an after-wedding shoot.  Many times brides have no use for their dresses, so they decide to literally trash their dress for the shoot. 

Note that most dresses can actually be dry cleaned after a Trash The Dress session, so you aren’t actually trashing the dress.  Many brides are nervous about these sessions because they don’t want to ruin their dresses, so photographers are now calling them “Rock The Dress” sessions — implying that the shots are fun, sexy, and exciting, but not necessarily endangering the dress. 

If you decide to do a post-wedding shoot with a photographer (either with or without your spouse — sometimes it makes a great anniversary surprise!), go with someone who will be empathetic to your comfort level.  Some brides want the edgy shots that may ruin their dresses.  Others just want to take some more pictures in their wedding dresses at a more relaxed pace.  Your photographer should be willing to do either.

Mel’s bride wanted to trash her dress in the traditional way, as you’ll see in pictures below.  And you don’t need to be a model to get some great shots.  This bride wasn’t a model, and the shoot only took 20 minutes (even in Florida, the ocean water is cold).  For some edgier trash the dress ideas, check out John Michael Cooper’s work here