I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, I realize. I have a wonderful new album sitting in my car, waiting to be photographed. I promise I will post it very soon!


I’ve been to quite a few weddings and I’ve been thinking about the most important aspect of the wedding: the marriage. I know you were probably thinking I would say, “the photographer” or “the location” or something else. But the point of having a wedding is to celebrate two people becoming one through marriage.


When Matt and I were planning our wedding, our marriage was our number one priority. Sure, I wanted awesome photography, a great dress, a fab location, wonderful food, fun guests, etc. But ultimately, I was having a wedding to celebrate the fact that Matt and I were becoming one.  So we put a high priority on premarital counseling. We worked through many issues that people forget to think through or discuss before marriage. Not only did we discuss our dreams and goals, we went over finances and how we spend money. We discussed what aspects of our personalities drove the other crazy. We talked about how we would work through future problems. Most importantly, we discussed our Christian faith and how we would apply that to our lives as we went on this journey together.


Times haven’t always been easy for us, but I am so thankful that we set goals, made priorities, and dedicated ourselves to putting our marriage before all other things. It’s going to be tough – I’m sure we will have more good days and more bad days. But we made a commitment to each other – to love and honor each other for the rest of our lives. Maybe we don’t always do such a wonderful job, but our dedication brings us through in the end.


So while you are planning your wedding, plan some extra time in to focus on what really matters: your marriage. Make it your number one priority on your to-do list. That may mean outsourcing your planning to a wedding planner or lengthening your engagement. Ultimately it means simply taking the time to focus on each other.  Go on a date, take time to talk at night, schedule it into your planner. If you focus on each other now, you will have a much easier time down the road. Best of luck with your marriage planning!

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