Matt and I had an awesome time hanging out with Julia and Noel at Lowdermilk Park the day before Thanksgiving.  Noel happened to be in town, and we wanted to get some engagement shots while we had that option!  I am very excited to be shooting their wedding early in February.  Here are a few of our fun shots from the night.











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3 Responses to “Julia & Noel are Getting Married”

  1. Adam says:

    Love the set, Deb. Very “bright” just my taste.

  2. Ron says:

    Hi. I love your shots; they’re full of life and have a very airy sort of feel to them.

    What kind of strobe setup did you use on the beach?

    You might want to have your camera serviced soon – it looks like your sensor is in need of a good cleaning.

  3. deborahcull says:

    Yeah — that sensor is REALLY dirty. I’d send it back if I knew I’d get it back on time for the next event. Too bad no places around here do sensor cleaning =(

    I actually just used one 580EXII on a lightstand held by my husband. Just got an apollo softbox in, so I’m planning on using that for the next shoot.

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