April 14, 2010

My grandfather was born on a military base in Guam in 1920.  He fought  in World War II in Russia and throughout Europe.  He is an incredible artist and was even asked to join Walt Disney, which he apparently refused.   His favorite story about the war was when he was in the trenches and promised God he would become a pastor if he made it out alive.  He then became the pastor of a few churches in Tampa, and one of my proudest stories of him is that he stepped down from the pastorate and left a church because the board voted against against allowing blacks to come to the church.  He has lived a full life, yet you would never know he is ninety.

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2 Responses to “Ninety”

  1. amydale says:

    great portrait, deb! i love the diet barq’s!!! :D
    i have a man from my church that i’ve grown up with that has a story similar to your grandpa.
    he was in the navy in WWII and promised God that he’d do whatever He asked of him if he made it out.
    he watched all the ships around him get bombed and his was spared.
    he has been teaching 4year old sunday school since.
    he is an amazing giver, teacher, and incredible man.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. ryan flynn says:

    nice, real portrait. i like the honesty.

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