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Arielle and Jason are one of the sweetest couples, and they  have the cutest story of how they met.  Jason has vacationed at South Seas Plantation ever since he was a little boy.  One year Arielle joined her friend’s family on vacation there as well.  Arielle and Jason met for the first time outside room 15 at Jensen’s Twin Palm Resort on the bay.  They spent much of their time hanging out at South Seas Plantation that week, and one thing led to another.  We had a wonderful time hanging out with them at South Seas, talking about the places they’d go and the things they’d do while vacationing there.  Arielle broke her toe just a few days before the shoot, but she was such a trooper!  We had to include a shot of her with her boot and without it.  We are thrilled to be shooting their wedding this June!

The room where the couple met: